3 Things to Think About When Designing Commercial Lighting

3 Things to Think About When Designing Commercial Lighting

Consumers place a premium on cleanliness and curb attractiveness. As a result, effective commercial lighting design is essential for healthy business success. Lighting can make or ruin your company’s initial image. It can also have an impact on our moods, emotions, decision-making processes, productivity, and other aspects.  With so much at stake, it’s evident that your lighting design demands careful consideration. Consider these three critical variables before making any judgments.

  1. Internet of Things Smart Lighting

Many organizations are capitalizing on technology advancements by switching to smart lighting. Despite the fact that motion sensors and floodlights have been available for a long time. The industry, on the other hand, has recently developed by leaps and bounds.

You may now define preferred illumination timings with more precision. Light fixtures with inbuilt sensors can also be used to track activity.

According to a Business Insider story, these strategies helped one business cut expenditures by 75%. Additionally, it enhanced productivity by up to 20%.


  1. Energy Consumption and Code Compliance

Businesses are responsible for reducing their energy use. Building codes are continually being modified, which makes it more complicated. This is frequently a critical component of any business lighting design job. LED lighting is being used in a growing number of business buildings. This reduces maintenance expenses, improves light quality, and reduces energy use. Retrofitting your lights to LED not only improves the appearance of your house but also makes good commercial sense.


  1. Outdoor Lighting for Safety and Appearance

Outdoor lighting is essential for any company that are operating in the evenings and at night. It’s especially important for businesses like car dealerships and shopping malls.

Your lighting design should provide both safety and curb attractiveness. It must also continue to adhere to stringent environmental regulations.

When creating your outdoor lighting arrangement, keep the following aspects in mind:

  • Flood lighting and high-intensity security lighting to illuminate huge regions
  • Pole-mounted lights strategically placed as an alternative to high-intensity floodlights
  • The illumination in a parking garage and under a covered canopy improves safety and reduces criminal activities.
  • Roadway and street lighting to improve overall security across the site
  • Wall lights are used to illuminate corridors, staircases, recessed places, and paths.
  • Lighting in the landscape to give charm and elegance


Outdoor lighting is no longer just a luxury for high-end structures. It is now an essential component of your entire security strategy. It’s also a behind-the-scenes component of your company’s marketing strategy.

Additional Advantages of High-Quality Commercial Lighting

Improving your whole lighting system may help your company appear and feel more professional. It has a plethora of essential advantages, including

  • improves the visitor experience
  • Increasing employee output
  • Increasing the resale value of your home significantly


Are you debating whether it’s worth your time and money to make the upgrade? If this is the case, seeking a second opinion from a professional may assist you in making the best decision.

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