5 Tips For Choosing The Best Formula Milk For Your Kids

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5 Tips For Choosing The Best Formula Milk For Your Kids

1. Learn the formula for milk before making a purchase.

Generally, there are 4 types of formula milk available at the supermarket or pharmacy namely cow’s milk formula, goat’s milk, soy milk, as well as special formula formula milk.

Often mothers will start by introducing their baby with formula milk from cow’s milk and if it is found to be less suitable then they will move on to the next option.

2. Choose milk according to age category recommendations.

Formula milk should be selected according to age category recommendations. Do not give formula milk for family drinks or for older children for babies. This is because the content of baby’s milk is different due to their young intestines.

3. Read and try to understand what is written on the label.

Before making any purchase, please read the package / can. Yes, this label is difficult to fully understand 100% but at least read and try to understand as much information as possible. Examples of content types, how they are made available, age recommendations, nutrients and more.

4. Get an experiment sample before making a real purchase.

If you do not want to waste and if you are afraid of making the wrong choice, you can get an online sample of it first. These online samples are for sale in the form of sachet and some brands also offer them for free.

5. Highly priced milk doesn’t mean it’s best

Don’t think expensive milk is the best milk. No! Formula milk depends on the level of compatibility with the baby’s digestive system. Some babies experience severe allergies even though the milk they give is very expensive.

There are also infants who cannot accept the good kind of milk at a very good price. Because it is imperative to try on a baby instead of just relying on his own level.

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