5 Types of Roofing Materials You Need to Know

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As one of the main parts of a house, the roof has a very important role. The roof secures its inhabitants from the weather such as rain, heat, and so on. At first the roofs in traditional houses in Indonesia were made from natural materials including thatch, palm fiber, straw, and so on. The times and rising standards of human comfort are paving the way for the development of new types of non-organic roofs that are more robust and durable.

For those of you who are renovating or building a house, here are various types of tile that can be an option for your home.

1.Natural roof

This type of roof is obtained from natural ingredients. In Indonesia, there are at least four commonly used materials including wood, bamboo, palm fiber, and thatch.

One example of a natural roof is a wooden roof, commonly called a shingle roof. The usual wooden planks are neatly laid out on the roof structure and provide a cool atmosphere for the residents below. Commonly used wood is ironwood, teak, or merbau.

In addition, the palm roof is also crowded, especially in homes that are still traditionally built. The roof is made of hard palm fiber sheath. The color is black, it is durable and waterproof. The roof is suitable if you want to build a traditional style tropical house so that it seems rustic.

2. Clay Roof Tile

Clay tile roofs are the most common type of roof used today. As a local roofing material, new roof tile developed in the early 20th century. Originally imported by the Dutch as a residential roof and their sugar 

factories, clay tile then began to be popular among the local community.

At present there are various types of roof tiles with unique local names, such as toad tiles, plentongs, garuda, kojer, press, and so on. Clay tiles are known to withstand heat so well that the space below is cool. This tile is suitable for various styles of design — from traditional to modern.

The modern variant of clay tile is ceramic tile. If the surface of an ordinary tile is rough and porous, the ceramic tile surface has been given a glaze coating so that it is waterproof and looks shiny.

3. Concrete Roof Tile

As the name suggests, concrete tiles are made from concrete, which is sand and cement. Dyes are added to make it look aesthetic. These materials are processed through a high-pressure machine and then heated to form strong, durable tiles.

You can choose the type of concrete tile wave or flat type (flat). If you want a natural impression, you can choose a corrugated tile. Modern impression appears when you use flat tile. The weight of concrete tile which is quite heavy (60 kg per square meter, compared to clay tile which is around 45 kg) requires the construction of a strong roof structure.

4. Metal Tile Roof

Metal tile is now increasingly popular. In addition to its ability to withstand the influence of qualified weather, metal tile is also light in weight and easy to install. Various metal materials are used for this type of tile, such as stainless steel / stainless steel, copper, galvalume steel tile, spandek (zinc alloy and aluminum), multiroof metal tile, millennium tile, and so on.

According to the texture, there are corrugated tiles and some are flat. Millenium tile types, for example, have a flat appearance with futuristic colors that are suitable for modern homes with minimalist style.

Although metal tile is more economical and lighter, what needs to be considered is the ability to conduct high heat. If the ceiling of the house is not given an empty space or ceiling, a house shaded by metal tile tends to feel hotter.

5. Bitumen Tile Roof

Bitumen is another name for asphalt. Bitumen tile is indeed made from asphalt alloys with reinforcing materials, namely wood fiber. Because of the components that make it, bitumen tile becomes tough and strong.

In addition, bitumen tile is also very light, about 1/6 of the weight of concrete tile for the same area. As a result, you can install it on any type of roof support structure. The material is ‘soft’ and this tile is good for muffling the outside sound. Tile, which became popular in the US at the beginning of the 20th century, is also increasingly popular in Indonesia, especially for minimalist themed houses.

In addition to the various types of tile, there are also various other interesting types of tile, such as PVC tile and solar tile, for example. Solar tile is a solar tile, its function as a tile as well as a source of solar power generation. Still want to find the type of tile that is right for your home? Visit Archify to see selected tile products available in Indonesia.

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