6 Tips & Guides To Manage Your Wardrobe To Look Neat

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Closet is one of the must-have furniture in the house. Some people like a large closet, some have a simple but neat closet. Even so, the function of the closet, especially the wardrobe, will be flawed if we ourselves are not good at managing clothes in the closet.

1. Use the Same Clothes Hanger

Make it your responsibility to make sure the hanger used is the same in terms of color, type, shape and arrangement of the head so that it looks uniform and pleasing to the eye

2. Make sure the clothes are hanging in the same direction

To make the closet look more organized, make sure the tags, sizes, buttons and even the collar of your clothes are facing the same direction. It will also make it easier for you to choose and achieve the clothes you want to wear every day.

3. Separate Clothes According To Color Code

Create a method that can make it easier for you to see the color choices of the clothes you have. This method can also speed up the process of mixing and matching in choosing the concept of everyday clothing.

This method is very important for those who care about appearance and style. You will certainly be surprised when well-arranged clothes in the closet allow you to enrich more fashion even if the number of your clothes is not so much.

4. Provide Space For Accessories And Underwear

Accessories such as belts, handbags, ties, etc. should be separated in one space by category and easy to find. Hang the belt on the hook and arrange the handbag on the foreign shelf.

The same goes for handkerchiefs, underwear, bras and so on. Sort them in a closet drawer, or set aside a special space for these types of clothes. Fashionable veils, nicely hung separately, away from other types of clothing.

5. Arrange Your Clothes

Various neat folding tips are available on the internet. Therefore, fold and arrange the shirt facing the folded part to make it easier for you to remove it from the clothes drawer later. Also make sure everything is arranged according to the color code. This can save space and also your time in the process of choosing clothes.

6. Create An Angle To Reach And Move

Half a wardrobe, there are parts or corners that are easy to reach. Reach and movement angles are for basic necessities that you will use every day. The easiest examples for women are make-up equipment, lid pins and so on.

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