7 Air Conditioning Tips You Should Know

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You already know that you have purchased an air conditioner that fits the space you want to air. While most air conditioning manufacturers can help you install air conditioning, it’s important to know the 5 things below.

Installation conditions are one of the most important factors for air conditioning installation. If the surroundings are not suitable, they will cause problems later. You may not get the cool atmosphere you want and will have frequent technical problems. Of course you don’t want to face this problem right? So follow the tips below!


Installation of outdoor units

1.  Away from where the water collects

The location of the outdoor unit should be installed away from the water catchment area especially when it is raining. It can deepen the unit while damaging it. In fact, even a small amount of water can also erode the body and parts of the unit in the long run.

2.  Good airflow

Installed in a place with good airflow as in the open space. Make sure the heat release from the outside unit is not obstructed. The outside unit should be installed without obstruction on the outside. If the outside unit is below, avoid placing the items on top and front of the unit as this impedes the heat transfer process.

3.  Installed in a place that facilitates maintenance work.

Indoor unit installation

1.  Avoid direct sunlight

Make sure the building is not exposed to the sun. On hot days close the curtains to prevent sunlight. Even if you put your air conditioner near the lights and the tv, it also affects the cooling effect. When the day is expected to be hot, install the air conditioning early to prevent the house from overheating.

2.  Distance between ceiling and air conditioning

The distance between the ceiling and the air conditioning should not be too close and there should be at least 7.5 cm of space.

3.  Not near the door

The interior unit is also not suitable for installation near the door. It can reduce the room’s cooling rate because cold air can easily get out of the room. Try to minimize cold air emissions through the doors and windows. This can help reduce electricity consumption for cooling. It is best to make sure the windows and doors are kept closed to keep the room cool.

4.  Mount it on a solid wall

Mounted on a solid wall. Improper wall installation will cause the unit to vibrate, noise and danger to the user.

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