7 Benefits of Reading Bedtime Stories for Child Growth

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Storytelling is one way to introduce reading habits to children from an early age. You don’t have to worry if your toddler doesn’t understand what you’re talking about. Because, several studies have proven that there is no term too early to familiarize a reading story to your child. Vice versa. Reading stories regularly before bed can help boost your child’s growth later.

The benefits of reading bedtime stories for children

Over time, the routine of telling children before bed is now abandoned by parents. In fact, reading fairy tales before bed offers many benefits to growing your toddler.

Here are some reasons why reading bedtime stories is good for your child.

  1. Strengthen the relationship between children and parents

Spending time reading bedtime fairy tales is an effective way to spend time with your baby. In fact, one of these activities can also help strengthen your bond with your child. Why is that?

When you read a small story, the process of interactive communication between parent and child will usually continue, even if your baby is still a baby. Without realizing it, this creates warmth between the two parties.

The voices of parents that are heard every day by their children will also make them feel cared for and loved. Well, this happiness makes your relationship with your child closer.

This fact is also supported by a study published in the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics. In this study, it was found that building early storytelling habits will strengthen your relationship with your child.

  1. Improve children’s vocabulary

One study showed that children who have been taught to read from infancy will have more vocabulary and better counting skills than other children who have not been taught to read since childhood.

The study also showed that the more words your child hears when you tell a story, the better their language skills. The older he or she gets, the more fluent your child will be at talking and talking. Because the brain will continue to be stimulated to enrich different words and language styles.

  1. Introduce new object shapes

In babies, their eyes will focus more on the simple patterns in the storybook you show them. Now with storytelling, you will indirectly introduce the shapes of objects, words, and various colors from an early age.

You don’t have to buy thick and expensive books. Instead, choose a book that is simple but whose content has many character shapes and is decorated with a beautiful variety of colors. That way, your toddler will be more interested in glancing and enjoying it.

You can find a variety of fairy tale collections at the bookstore closest to your home or at a cheap book bazaar

  1. Helps process emotions

When reading the story in front of your child, the child will pay attention to how you convey each character’s emotions (happy, angry, or scared) with different facial expressions and sounds.

Without you knowing, from there your child will learn how to let go of feelings of anger, sadness, revenge, guilt, and even shame. Children who are able to let go of their feelings tend to process emotions intelligently.

  1. Assist the speech process

Reading can stimulate a child’s brain development. When you tell a story, they will receive information and begin to learn about sounds, sounds, words and sentences.

Now, because of that, children who are accustomed to reading or hearing stories from an early age usually tend to be able to speak faster and convey their desires. In other words, the habit of reading this story really helps your child become easier in communicating with the surrounding environment.

  1. Train children’s responses

When you read a story to a baby, they can’t respond to stimuli with clear words. However, when you hear your story, your baby can respond through the movements of his hands and feet. These responses and stimuli will activate various nerve cells in the baby’s brain more quickly.

So, while telling stories, you can also stimulate your baby’s response. For example by repeating each sentence. This can help the baby record sentences better and respond by mimicking lips or facial expressions when you tell a story.

  1. Improve thinking skills

Not only that, reading fairy tales before bed can also be used as a way to practice thinking skills. When reading fairy tales, children will learn to understand / memorize every word you convey.

The information your child receives can also help develop the creative side of his or her brain as your child will be drawn in with increasing curiosity. This will definitely make your child better understand many things.

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