Air compressor  is a machine or mechanical device that works to increase pressure or remove gas or air fluid. Air compressors generally use electric motors, gasoline engines, or diesel engines as their driving force.

The principle of work of the air compressor is similar to the way the human lungs work. For example, when taking a deep breath to blow out the candle, they increase the air pressure in the lungs, thus producing the pressure of air that is then breathed again to blow out the candle.

There is often a misunderstanding about air compressor, which is the larger the size of the air compressor, the higher the pressure, but the truth is, the bigger the air compressor, the higher the speed of filling the air into the tank (water delivery / discharge air pump) this is also resulting in rapid increase in pressure in the tank. This is something to keep in mind when choosing a water compressor in addition to the maximum pressure the water compressor produces.

When hear the word “Air Compressor” maybe the one that immediately envisions a roadside tiresman, indeed the air compressor they find most often is the one they see in the treadmills, when there are so many types of air compressors.

Function of Air Compressor:

The air compressor functions to extract air or gas from the vicinity which is then pressurized in the tube and then returned as pressurized air. Air compressors are generally utilized for a variety of purposes, such as:

  • Supply clean high pressure air to fill gas cylinders.
  • Supply clean pressurized air to pneumatic HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) control systems in several office buildings and schools.
  • Supplies large amounts of compressed air to pneumatic tools, such as jack hammer drills
  • Filling air in the tire.
  • Supply air to divers.
  • Supply air for spray tools or air brushes.
  • Air grinding.
  • Produces large volumes of compressed air for large scale industrial processes, such as the need for petroleum coke oxidation, or purge systems in cement plants

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