Metal Roof Repair: The 5 Most Common Causes of Metal Roof Leaks

Few Roofing Products can compete with metal roofing in terms of longevity, strength, and performance. Having said that, metal roofs are not invincible and can leak. Here are five main reasons why even well-installed metal roofs might leak. roofing screws made of metal The majority of leaks on metal roofs are caused by roofing screws. […]

What are the risks of sitting next to a photocopier?

Inventions that make our lives easier in the office can trigger health problems with the continued exposure of these devices to the atmosphere. Many photocopiers use a method called xerography that delivers a positive electrical charge to the drum within the unit that imprints the image on the drum. Paper is then passed through the […]

Die Cast Tooling of Metal Cavities

Die cast tooling known as insert die, die casting dies, or die casting molds, comes in a lot of types, sizes, and values. Die casting comes in single cavities or various cavities. Die casting fees from as tiny as several hundred dollars for trim dies, some thousand for cavity inserts, to numerous thousand dollars to […]