Some workers who choose to leave your home cause you to be very inconvenienced in managing your home, so you decide to look for new workers, but the new ART has not much experience in terms of work.

Here are a few of these ways so that new maid quickly adapt to the conditions of your home.

1. Cleanliness is the main thing.

In taking care of the household, cleanliness is the main thing. So, you should instill this important matter to the maid . Not just a matter of skill in taking care of the household, the room and body condition of the assistant must always be clean. Thus, the assistant will get used to maintaining the cleanliness of the house as much as possible even if you are not watching.

2. Teach the Use of Advanced Furniture.

Don’t be too stingy with sophisticated furniture in your home. You can teach the furniture to the maid so that he can use it properly and correctly. Using sophisticated furniture will certainly make it easier for the worker to do the work.

3. Embed the Principle of Saving.

There are many small things that can save household expenses. One example of savings is turning off lights and air conditioners when not in use. You can remind the worker to make savings. Not only saving electricity but can also save money in using household materials.

4. Careful Budget Issues.

The budget for kitchen needs is usually one of the things entrusted to the maid. Therefore, you should carefully calculate the budget. You can note how much it costs per month so you can find out what is needed and not needed.

5. Don’t be Tired of Reminding.

Naturally, new maid often forget the rules you teach. Your job is never to get bored with reminding your assistants. Later the assistant will definitely adapt quickly and make the rules at home a routine

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