Understand that determining whether to upgrade your compressor system might be challenging. When considering an air compressor system update, keep in mind that the actual purchase price of the new compressor accounts for just approximately 10% of the total cost! You should also consider the age of your present compressor, its energy efficiency in comparison to newer ones, its previous maintenance history, and general reliability. You can also ask yourself the following questions:

  • Should I instead fix my compressor system? A reasonable rule of thumb to follow is that if the necessary repairs cost more than 50-60% of the cost of a new compressor, it may be time to replace the compressor rather than focusing on repairs. Critical air compressor parts can be expensive to replace! For example, if your air compressor requires a new airend element and a new motor, it is usually cheaper to buy a new compressor than to repair these components.

  • Do you have an estimate of the new compressor’s total life-cycle costs, including energy and maintenance? The initial cost component is the equipment invoice; however, the much more significant cost component for an air compressor is the energy it consumes month after month during its entire operational life. Less complex compressor technology consumes more energy. Maintenance expenses should also be carefully considered, since some compressors are intended to be serviced twice as frequently as others!

  • Do I have a strategy for optimising the complete compressor system over the course of the compressor’s life? As previously stated, energy is the most expensive single component of compressed air. You must understand how much air you can obtain at the required pressure and how much energy it takes to get there. Check to see whether a Variable Speed Drive (VSD) compressor is appropriate for your application, and/or if your process might benefit from a powerful compressor controller system such as the Elektronikon or Optimizer 4.0. These may help to improve the energy efficiency of your system!

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