How Often Should I Have My Air Conditioner Cleaned?

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Because air conditioners cool a place better than fans or blowers, most residential and business properties in Malaysia have one or more air conditioning units installed. However, air conditioning effectiveness is heavily influenced by how well the unit is cleaned and maintained. Homeowners who have not yet installed an air conditioner but want to do so would need additional information on cleaning their air conditioner. This manner, they may contact air conditioning professionals that undertake proper air conditioning cleaning.

More information regarding air conditioning cleaning and how often it should be done is provided below.

Why Is Air Conditioning Cleaning Necessary?

The air that enters the air conditioner is typically contaminated with dust, grime, dangerous microorganisms, and other particles. Fortunately, there are one or more filters in place to capture the dirt. Having clean aircon filters is vital to guarantee that dirt does not accumulate on other aircon elements that require frequent maintenance.

The filters become clogged with dust and debris over time. Dirt buildup within the air conditioner has a significant impact on its operation. If the air conditioner is not cleaned for a year, its efficiency will drop by 5% and its energy consumption will rise. As a result, every household with an air conditioner must choose aircon cleaning and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

A professional aircon cleaning includes removing dirt and debris from the aircon as well as cleaning and changing the aircon filters. The energy bill will be significantly reduced if the air conditioner is thoroughly cleaned. It will also boost the operation of the air conditioner, resulting in faster cooling of the space. This is also why frequent air conditioning maintenance is essential. A well-maintained air conditioner will last for a long period without needing maintenance.

How Often Should You Clean Your Air Conditioner?

The frequency of aircon cleaning will be determined by elements such as aircon rating, length of usage, and environmental considerations. As an air conditioning maintenance advice, if the air conditioner is located near a construction site or in an area with dusty air, the filters should be cleaned more frequently, generally once a month. More dirt and debris can accumulate on the air conditioner if it has a higher rating and typically cools a greater area.

A cleaning tip for air conditioners is that they should be cleaned on a regular basis. In certain circumstances, especially at home, families would turn on the air conditioner for a few hours to keep cool at night. This is also an air conditioner maintenance tip to improve air conditioner performance and decrease air conditioner cleaning. However, air conditioning cleaning is necessary every three months, with the filter replaced or cleaned once a month.

Signs That Your Air Conditioner Needs Cleaning

When an air conditioner takes longer to cool a room or property or does not cool properly, it is a symptom that it needs to be serviced or cleaned.

Another sign is when the air conditioner is noisy and creates a typical form of air conditioner noise. Because of dirt and loose parts, the sound might be heard continually in certain circumstances. Whereas in other cases, the noise is inconsistent.

When homeowners observe a significant increase in energy usage owing to dust or dirt collection in the air conditioner, they will frequently contact an air conditioning service firm. Regular air conditioning service saves money by drastically lowering the air conditioning expense. It is also another reason why you should choose an air conditioning service provider who cleans air conditioners.

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