As a cover for the building, the roof plays an important role in providing a sense of comfort for the people living below. The roof also serves to protect the occupants of the house from all external disturbances as well as the weather.

Because of its function, the material for the roof must be strong and resistant to weather changes. Roofs are currently available in many materials, types, or even colors. However, of course function and quality must be given priority so that the house can be occupied safely. Some of the materials below that are chosen by many people, Let’s get to know more about the choice of roof for home.

  • Clay

This type of material is already very common in society. Made by compacting, shaping, and then burning, this type of roof is very strong against wind or during heavy rainfall. Although the size and variety is not much, clay roofs have a relatively low price. In addition, this type is durable, not easily worn, burned, or damaged by insects. In its use, a frame is required and installed with a certain slope. In order to be more secure, the technique of installing locks or attachments to the support frame is used.

  • Precarious

This roofing material has a heavy load, even heavier than clay. However, of course this material is very strong to face all weather. With a mixture of cement and other additives, concrete roofs are resistant to fire or weathering. The shape is wavy or flat, the color varies. However, in proportion to the quality, this type of roof tends to be more expensive.

  • Metal

Metal roofs are usually in the form of sheets and made of mild steel (zincalume steel). In addition, it can also be made to resemble other types, such as shingles, clay tile, or concrete. With its lightweight, the burden borne by the roof frame is reduced. In addition, this material is equipped with technology that allows it to reflect heat so that the house feels cool. This species is also environmentally friendly because it can be recycled, fire-proof, corrosion-free, and maintenance free. Metal roof prices are expensive when compared to other materials.

  • Asbestos

This one ingredient is probably already known by the public. Asbestos is lightweight and durable. The price is cheap and can make the house cool because this type does not absorb heat. However, asbestos cracks easily and if you step on it you have to replace it with a new one. In addition, asbestos fibers easily escape and fly so that they can endanger health (lung cancer).

  • Zinc

Zinc is certainly familiar to many people. While it is cheap, durable, and widely used, zinc also has some drawbacks. One thing that has been understood is its nature that retains heat so that it makes people under it feel uncomfortable due to overheating. In addition, zinc is also easy to rust and is not attractive in terms of appearance.

  • Ceramics

This type is based on clay finishing glazer on the top. Therefore, it looks smooth, shiny, and consists of many color options. This type includes materials that are durable, the color is permanent and does not require repeated painting. However, installation with this roof requires a minimum tilt of 30 degrees so that rainwater can flow and not easily winded in windy weather.

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