What Your Maid Doesn’t Want You To Know

Living in Malaysia could be very interesting, yet demanding, especially if you have loads of domestic chores to attend to. If lucky to secure the services of a professional maid from a maid service agency or agent in Malaysia, I rejoice with you as you can now outsource some of your domestic activities to save yourself the time, energy and frustration that comes with attending to such less productive tasks. Securing the services of maids is however not without the sacrifice of having to compromise a bit of your privacy; one which most maids notice but might keep away from your knowledge. 

Below are a few things your maid would never want you to know about:

  1. They are privy to your private life: – one of the advantages of hiring the services of a maid from reputable maid agencies is the professional manner through which they handle your personal affairs. Belief me, maids do have information of your private life. They might have stumbled one way or the other on those private records, event diaries and some other properties concealed from public knowledge. They are professional enough not to tell anyone; neither will they allow you to know about their discovery.
  2. Your pet was never a part of the deal: – when securing the services of a maid from a registered maid agency; coupled with the nature of training maids had received from their initial employers, work details must have been clearly spelt out. That your maid now has to deal with the many excesses of your pet is one thing it never bargained for, but saying that straight to your face might seem a bit rude and insubordinate. Your maid can therefore decide to keep such knowledge to themselves without you knowing.
  3. Your home is the most disorganised they’ve worked in: – while it is way easier for maids to complement the great sense of organisation their boss or employer had extolled in the management of its own personal life, condemning an act of disorganisation by their employer is far a more difficult thing to do. Often than not, service maids keep such opinion solely to themselves.
  4. Be reserved: – as one with such good sense of selection enough to have gone for the services of a maid service agency, a bit of reservation is as well expected of you. Prior to the arrival of the maid to do the cleaning venue, it is often expected of you to have done away with some personal stuff like used pads, underwear, children toys etc with which you wouldn’t want the maid to have access to. Maids often have this opinion about you, but would never want you know in other not to displease you.
  5. They love to do their things without undue interference: – in the course of discharging their domestic duties, maids do appreciate employers with strong belief in their professionalism. They love to be bothered less and less controlled. While professional maids from maid agencies often appreciate slight corrections being pointed to them by their employers, they see it as nauseating when such becomes often too much. Your maid might notice such trait in you, but would never want you to know about it.

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