Meaning and Uses of Weighing Bridges

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Often we hear in newspapers, television, or other media reports about weight stations. If you guess the literal meaning of the word weighbridge, you might get even more confused. But if you know another name, Truck Scales, then chances are you know the broad picture of what is called a weighbridge.

Weighbridge is a set of weighing equipment for vehicles by moving the vehicle to the platform provided, where the platform is shaped like a bridge, because it is called a weigh bridge. Once the vehicle is on the platform, the tools and programs on the scale will automatically measure and display the weight of the vehicle on the computer equipment available at the weighbridge operator station.

In general, weigh bridges are used to measure the weight of products transporting vehicles such as haul trucks, container trucks, and the like. Because it is popularly called weigh bridges also called truck scales. Of course weight bridges are not only used to measure trucks, they can also be used to measure other types of vehicles as needed.

Then what is the use of this weighbridge? Why should the weight of a truck be measured by scales? Weigh bridges are widely used in various sectors and have their own functions and uses. However, generally what is measured is the actual weight of the truck’s cargo. Usually this type of cargo is a type of product that is difficult to count one by one, so it must be calculated in bulk. You do this by first measuring the weight of the truck without a load, then measuring the weight of the truck containing the cargo, and then calculating the difference between the two measurements. The difference value is the value of the weight of the load.

There are many more uses of weight bridges in various sectors of our life, such as the mining industry sector, agriculture and plantation sectors, manufacturing plants, logistics and transportation, and many more. Unfortunately, lately we have heard a lot of bad news about truck scales, namely about illegal fees that have occurred at various weigh stations. Therefore, the Government of Indonesia has applied many strategies to completely eradicate the problem of extortion.

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