Motor Winding and Its Varieties

motor rewinding

What exactly is motor winding?

Windings in electric motors are wires that are put into coils, often encased around a coated flexible iron magnetic core, to form magnetic poles while reinforced with electricity. Electric machines are offered in two basic magnet field pole configurations: salient pole and non-salient pole. The winding diagram for a motor is illustrated below.

The magnetic field pole in the salient pole configuration machine can be manufactured with a winding coiled about under the pole face. Winding can be scattered inside pole face slots in the non-salient pole design. A shaded pole motor features a winding wrapped around the pole portion that holds the magnetic field phase. Conductors of thicker metal, such as sheets of metal, are used in some motors; otherwise, bars of copper or aluminum are used. In general, they are powered by electromagnetic induction.

Motor Windings Types

There are two types of motor windings, which are as follows.

  • Winding of the Stator
  • Winding of the rotor

Armature windings are classed into two categories based on the motor winding connection, which are as follows.

  • Winding laps
  • Winding Waves

Stator Winding

The stator winding is carried by the groove on the stator core of the three-phase motor winding. This winding may be powered by a three-phase alternating current source. The three-phase motor winding, which is coupled in star or delta form depending on the type of starting mechanism utilized.

The squirrel cage motor can be kept on track by the star to delta stator, and therefore the motor’s stator may be linked in delta. The slip ring 3-phase induction motor is being developed by incorporating resistances; hence, the stator winding of the slip ring induction motor may be associated in star or delta shape.

When the stator winding is powered by a three-phase alternating current source, it produces a revolving magnetic field (RMF).

Rotor Winding 

The revolving component of a motor is referred to as the rotor. The rotor is made up of the rotor winding and the rotor core. The DC supply powers the rotor winding. The rotor may be divided into two types: phase wound and squirrel cage.

The cylindrical iron core of the squirrel cage rotor features a curved groove over the exterior surface where the aluminum or copper conductors are positioned. The copper or aluminum rings are used to short-circuit the ends of these.

The electromagnetic induction phenomenon occurs when an electromagnetic force is induced into the conductor that carries the conductor as a result of a fluctuating magnetic field. When the electricity stimulates the rotor, it causes it to move.

Lap Winding

One type of armature winding is lap winding. Where the lanes and poles are similarly linked, the conductor connection may be made. The commutator is connected to the last section of each armature coil. The number of parallel lanes equals the number of brushes inside winding. These are separated into two polarity windings, positive and negative. Lap winding is mostly used in high current and low voltage equipment. These windings are classified into three types: simplex, duplex, and triplex windings.

Wave Winding

Wave winding consists of parallel lanes between two brushes like positive and negative. With some distance, the end portion of the main armature coil can be connected with the beginning part of the next armature coil commutator section. This sort of winding’s conductors can be linked to two parallel channels in a machine pole. For high-voltage and low-current devices, the number of parallel ports might be equivalent in the direction of the number of brushes. Please see the link for further information on Lap Winding and Wave Winding.

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