Precision Measuring Tool Types and Maintenance

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Measuring instruments are extremely significant in a variety of manufacturing processes. Every specialist in the field of sheet metal fabrication must be well-versed in the use of these precision measurement equipment.

Companies find it challenging to cope with working experts who lack expertise or understanding of numerous measurement instruments. As a result, understanding the nature of these technologies, as well as their measuring strategies, is critical in such sectors.

The following are some tools that are utilized in diverse industries:

  • Micrometer: This precise instrument, which is available in many metric and inch systems, is commonly used for measuring various sorts of materials. The technician who is using this measuring tool should be familiar with how to use it against an anvil. With the micrometer spindle cranked down, lay the material against the anvil. In addition, the technician should remember to keep his or her thumb and index finger in the appropriate position to use the micrometer effectively.
  • Screw thread micrometer: It is critical to have a consistent screw thread measurement while producing various types of screws and washers because if the thread measures are not done evenly, the screw will not fit the machine it is meant for. Before beginning the measuring method, the value on the micrometer should always be zero. This guarantees that all measures are precise and completely natural.
  • Rulers and tape measures: While the margin of error on many rulers and tape measures is not large, there are occasions when accurate measurements are required to ensure the success of certain industrial operations. In general, several types of calibrated rulers and tape measures may be found in sheet metal cutting plants. Because of their high tolerances, these tools are more exact. Technicians who work with these measurement tools are highly educated to assure better and more precise findings.
  • Slide Calipers: This precision measuring equipment is commonly used in sheet cutting units to measure lines and diameters. It may lack the precision of a micrometer, but it will undoubtedly provide a greater measurement range than a micrometer. These tools are held in place by a two-knurled thumb piece on the slide. To get precise measurements, the technician needs to know how to inspect and adjust the distinct ID nibs on these sliding calipers.

Precision Measuring Tool Maintenance

Aside from understanding the operation of various precision measuring equipment, it is also vital to understand the process of maintaining these tools. Inadequate maintenance would cause these tools to malfunction, resulting in inaccurate findings.

  • To begin, a technician must guarantee that the tools cease operating when they are attached to a lathe machine. This is significant because if the maintenance operation is performed while the instruments are in use, they may be harmed.
  • To guarantee the measuring tool’s precision, the measuring faces and connecting tools must be cleaned. If the tool is in contact with something particularly corrosive, it should be cleaned on a regular basis.
  • Precision measuring tools should be stored apart from hand tools.
  • These measuring instruments should only be used for their intended purpose and never as a replacement for other tools.
  • You should always keep the working environment at a constant temperature since any change in temperature might cause a change in the measurement reading.
  • Special precautions should be made to ensure that these measurement tools do not come into contact with any magnetic fields, since this might result in misalignment.
  • To guarantee that these equipment work properly, certain calibration processes must be used. To correct the flaws in these instruments, no hammer, pliers, or files should be used.

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