The projector screen is a tool to help display images, videos and other data from a computer or laptop to a screen (it can also be a flat surface like a wall).

Projector Function

Referring to the definition of a projector, the function of a projector is to display objects or data (text, images, videos) that are inside a computer / laptop on a screen or wall. The projector can display objects in larger sizes easily and has high flexibility.

Here are some functions of the projector based on their usage:


  • Presentation Tool


The use of projectors in presenting presentations will make explanations easier and more attractive. Views of tech, images, or animations on presentations make the audience better understand the purpose and content of the presentation.


  • Media Information


The projector can display an object or data on a computer device to look bigger. This makes it a very effective and efficient information media.


  • Media Entertainment (Home Theater)


Having a projector at home can provide a distinct advantage because it can be used as an entertainment medium. For example watching videos in a much larger size like in a cinema.

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