What is an Air Compressor?

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Air compressors are devices used to compress gas. Air compressors are similar to pump construction. Most air compressors are repeated pistons, rotating blades or rotating screws. Centrifugal compressor is a very large application.

What does the main compressor mean?

The function of the compressor is to increase the pressure, and the corresponding saturation temperature (boiling point) of the refrigerant vapor to a sufficiently high level that the coolant can condense by pushing the heat through the condenser. The compressor compresses the vapor at high pressure.

How does the air compressor work?

Most compressors you will run to do this task with a reciprocating pistol. Like a small internal combustion engine, the conventional piston compressor has a crankshaft, connecting rod and piston, cylinder and valve head. The crankshaft is driven by either an electric motor or a gas engine.

Inlet sucking air for piston to compress. The compressed air is released through the discharge valve. In certain air compressor models, pressure is generated by rotating propellers. As more air is sent into the tank, the pressure increases.

Why are air compressors used in cars?

Air compressors are used for two main reasons:

  • To supply air for Air Suspension
  • Provides air for Braking (if pneumatic brakes are used).

For the above functions, Water is not supplied directly from the compressor but from the air reservoir that holds the high pressure air coming from the compressor.

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