CNC stands for Computer Numeric Control which refers to the automation of machine tools using computer-programmed instructions, as opposed to manually controlled equipment using wheels and levers.

How is Cnc Machining work?

CNC is now synonymous with CNC Milling Machines and CNC Lathes.

CNC milling employs automatic multi-axis motor-driven and code-driven devices that can perfectly reproduce digital models and computer-aided design (CAD).

S1000X1 CNC Computer Speedio

CNC machines are much simpler and much more precise than manual milling machines, with the ability to perfectly repeat motions, adjust tools in seconds (or less if the machine is as sophisticated as MRT) and quickly create complicated shapes

The result is the same components that are guaranteed to match every time.

Why do you use CNC Machining?

We specialize in the use of CNC as a method for finishing castings where tight tolerances or finishing are necessary. The method is much simpler and less costly than the CNC machining of solid billet material and offers a much better quality finish than casting alone.

The combination of casting and CNC machining ensures that we can manufacture components to the tolerance of microns as if they were solely machined parts, but with the economy and speed of casting the original shape.

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