What is the aluminium die casting?

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The casting method requires a steel mold that is also capable of creating tens of thousands of castings in a fast succession. The die must be rendered in at least two parts to allow castings to be removed. The casting cycle starts with the two die halves that are firmly clamped together by the die casting press. Molten aluminum is injected into the die chamber, where it easily solidifies. These pieces are tightly placed in a machine and positioned in such a way that one is stationary while the other is moveable. The half of the die is drawn apart and the casting is ejected. Die casting dies may be simple or complicated, with moving slides, cores or other parts depending on the complexity of the casting. Many devices use hydraulic cylinder-driven mechanisms to protect locking. Others use direct hydraulic pressure. Die casting devices, large or small, are very essentially restricted to the process used to pour molten metal into the die.

What are the benefits of aluminum die casting?

There are many reasons why aluminum is the most widely used non-ferrous metal in the world. As a lightweight metal, the most common justification to use aluminum die casting is that it produces very lightweight parts without losing power. Aluminum die-cast pieces often have more surface finishing options and can tolerate higher working temperatures than other non-ferrous components. Aluminum die-cast pieces are rust resistant, highly conductive, have a good stiffness and a good strength-to-weight ratio. The aluminum die casting method is based on a rapid manufacturing process that allows a high volume of die casting parts to be manufactured very rapidly and more cost-effectively than alternative casting methods. Aluminum die casting has been the favorite choice for buyers worldwide. Characteristics and benefits of Aluminum Die Castings shall include:

  • Lightweight and long lasting
  • Healthy ratio of strength to weight
  • Great Corrosion Resistance
  • Excellent Electrical Conductivity
  • Fully Recyclable and Reusable in Production

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