Where is SCADA Used / Required?

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You can use SCADA to manage various kinds of equipment. Typically, SCADA is used to carry out complex industrial processes automatically, replacing human labor (either because they are considered dangerous or impractical – the logical consequence is layoffs), and usually are processes that involve more control factors, factors more rapid-motion control, and so on, where human control becomes uncomfortable and / or safe.

For example, SCADA is used throughout the world for example to 

  • Power generation, transmission and distribution: SCADA is used to detect the amount of current and voltage, to monitor operational circuit breakers and to turn off the power grid;
  • Water collection and distribution: SCADA is used for monitoring and regulating water flow rate, reservoir height, pressure in the pipeline and various other factors;
  • Buildings, facilities and environment: Facility managers use SCADA to control HVAC, cooling units, lighting and security systems.
  • Production: The SCADA system manages the inventory of components, manages the automation of tools or robots, monitors processes and controls quality.
  • Electric train transportation: using SCADA can be monitored and controlled for electricity distribution, automation of railroad traffic signals, tracking and locating train locations, controlling railroad crossings and so on.
  • Traffic lights: SCADA monitors traffic lights, controls traffic rates and detects incorrect signals

And, of course, there are many more potential applications for the SCADA System. SCADA is currently used in almost all industrial projects and public infrastructure.

The point is SCADA can be used in applications that require ease of monitoring as well as control, with a variety of interface and communication media available today (for example, Computers, PDAs, Touch Screens, TCP / IP, wireless and so on)

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